Stella Dial Watch

Rolex Stella is playing something of a revival on the pre-owned market. The unlikely pairing of a garish colour scheme on a watch firmly associated with the establishment is one that is subversive enough to attract an audience of present-day revolts.

Rolex Stella made from a lacquered and multi-layered enamel, the dial was available in Oxblood, light orange, dark green, sky blue, and many different colours never found now.  All the paint are used on the enamel Stella dials of last year ago was mixed by hand, so even watches that were purported to be the same colour varied slightly between batches. Now the enamel has been replaced with harder-wearing brass, and now shine with an energy that’s impossible to miss.

However, they are proving so popular that Rolex has taken steps to capitalize on their resurgence and brought out the new series for the 21st century.