Who is F Plus V?

F Plus V (trade under Fashion Plus Vintage Limited), base in Hong Kong, established in year 2017. We look like a young player in this industry, but indeed, we started selling Rolex watches since year 2000. And in around 2011 we have created “Alex Pig Timepieces” and started using “Alex Pig” as a public entity facing our customers for Rolex. 

After so many years of selling, we met a lot of customers, the most common heard from them was asking us to find an UNIQUE Rolex for them. Finding a specific birth year is a very common request. Some ask us find an vintage Rolex with a SPECIAL and UNIQUE dial. But if you familiarize with Rolex, you should know Rolex didn't change a lot in past 30 years. So it is really not easy to find a so-called UNIQUE pieces with a REASONABLE price. This was what the answer I usually use to reply them.

Until I met a guy, then my mindset has changed. That day, he walked into my shop, again asking for an vintage Rolex with a special and unique dial. Before I want to reply him, he brought out a piece of paper, with a sketch drawing watch dial. The design was completely make by him. He asked if I can make the same dial for him with a Datejust model. He said he want to bring a new life and fashionable feeling to an vintage Rolex Datejust.

I told him I never do that before but I am willing to try as I have a good connection with a dial manufacturing factory that is producing dial for few famous Swiss brand watches. After a month, the dial came back and to my surprise, it look exactly the same to what he requested. We can't wait to install the dial back to the watch. Of course, he is 100% satisfy with it and at this moment, embryo of F Plus V was formed. At that time, we still sell under Alex Pig. After a year of grow and development with a lot of customer requests, we decided to split out this business line as "Rolex Customization" and then start using F Plus V as the identity to walk further the journey.

Fashion Plus Vintage Limited is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Rolex SA, Rolex USA, or any other worldwide subsidiary in any way.

DPMS Registration No: A-B-23-05-00183